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Best 0% and Low Interest Credit Cards – Compare Low Interest Credit Cards – 0% Intro APR Up to 21 Months

Have you been looking for methods of saving your money? While some people may think that all credit cards are the same, they cannot be further from the truth. Applying for a low credit credit card can help one save a lot of money. Most cards attract annual charges, transfer fees, and high APR rates.

Low credit interest cards are suitable for people who carry forward their monthly balances. Some of the low-interest credit cards have low ongoing rates and often come with a zero percent interest.

Citi Simplicity

Citi Simplicity is a unique card that has no late payment fees, penalties or annual charges. The card has a very low introductory APR that for 21 months as one continues to transfer balances and purchase goods. This means that you can benefit from the card until 2019 before it starts attracting charges. The card can also identify an item with the lowest price from online merchants. Citi Simplicity has automatic account alert that notifies you about your account balances, purchases, and payment dates.

General Benefits of City Simplicity

  • The card has a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers and purchases.
  • The variable APR, after 21 months, is 14.99%-24.99%.
  • 3%-5% transfer fee.
  • It also attracts minimum interest fee, less than $0.5 for local cards and 3% for foreign cards.
  • The card has a cash advance fee of 5%-10%.

Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom has 0% introductory APR that lasts for 15 months. This means that you can use the card while attracting 0% interest on balance transfers up to 2019. After the introductory period is over, the card attracts a variable APR of 15.99%- 24.74%. The card is better than most credit cards because it attracts 0% interest annually. Customers who spend more than $500 in the first three months are awarded a bonus of $150. Chase Freedom customers earn a 5% cash back when they spend over $1,500 on combined purchases. It also offers 1% cash backs on other purchases.

Citi Double Cash Card

Acquiring a cash-back credit card that has a high ongoing bonus rate is a smart move. Are you tired of waiting for a rotating bonus? Citi Double Cash Card is your ticket. The card comes with a 0% introductory APR that last for 18 months. Within this period, you can transfer balances for free. The variable APR, after 18 months, is 14.99% – 24.49 %. Citi Double Cash Card offers customers a 1% cash back on purchases and an additional 1% cash back when you make payment. The card does not have any limitations. Don’t forget that all these benefits come at a zero percent interest.

Discover It

Are you are looking for a low-interest credit card that you can use for a long time? Discover it is your card. The credit card comes with a 0% introductory APR. It also has one of the lowest variable APRs, 11.99%-23.99%.The interest varies according to the user`s creditworthiness. Discover it has a minimum interest fee and a variable cash APR of 25.99%. Although the card provides numerous benefits it still manages to offer a zero percent annual fee.

Sign Up Requirements

  • Most of the low credit cards require the applicant to sign up for a new account credit card. This is used to develop a credit history.
  • After applying and developing a good credit history, the individual applies for a secured card.
  • Once the secured card is approved, the applicant makes a deposit of an equal amount to the credit category. The secured card can also be used to build a good credit history.
  • You can improve your creditworthiness and credit score by avoiding late payments, delinquencies various types of derogatory activities.
  • While signing up for a new credit is the best option, one can also apply to manage another person`s credit card. Such people may include parents, relatives, friends or spouses.